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When I first began this blog in the spring of 2009, I was so fired up about Canadian mountains. I dreamed of a 50-issue series of magazines featuring the 100 peaks – two per issue – with maps, stories, information, photographs, satellite images… the whole shebang. I figured I would complete my list by the end of the year and in early 2010 I would submit it to various societies and associations for review.

In 2010 I was far behind schedule and working on other projects, and then in early 2011 my second child was born and time for surfing the Net for information and composing a digest of that information for each mountain suddenly became scarce. Furthermore, having become the sole supporter of a family of four meant that I had to apply my resources and resourcefulness more on activities that would bring in extra income, meaning write for money, not pleasure.

So, after two years and two thirds of a year, my list of featured mountains remains at a lowly 42 out of 100. I am eager to continue but the early part of 2012 will see me busy with more writing projects that will hopefully bring about pay. By the end of February I plan to have a schedule in place that will allow me to post about two or three mountains a month. I really want to finish up the Rockies and move on to other peaks in B.C. and then head north and east. There are so many interesting and beautiful mountains outside the Rockies that I want to write about. I will try to get there.

Thanks to all who have read posts on this blog site.

Peter Skov


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