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Location: Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
Elevation: 2,379 metres
Range: Border Ranges, Canadian Rockies
Candidate number: 46

When driving into Waterton Lakes National Park, one is struck by the abrupt change from Prairie to mountain. Down here in south western Alberta, snug against the Montana border, there is barely the raising of a hill before the stratified cliffs and slopes of the Rocky Mountains rear up from the earth. In other places, a series of foothills usually precedes the rugged peaks. As one nears the town site of Waterton Lakes, the great Vimy Peak can be clearly seen overlooking the town. Part of a long ridge of the same name, Vimy Peak at the north east end of the ridge is actually a little lower than the south west end, which rises to 2,500 metres.

The mountain was originally named Sheep Mountain and that’s how it appears on George Dawson’s map of 1886. Later it became Goat Mountain. Then in 1917, the mountain was renamed in honour of the Canadian soldiers who took Vimy Ridge in France in WWI after the British and the French had failed.

The peak can be climbed via the 16-kilometre round trip Wishbone Trail from the Chief Mountain International Highway. Detailed directions are given on SummitPost. The view from the top looks over the Waterton town site and the surrounding mountains, as well as over the Prairies, which stretch out before the mountain.


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