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When I started this blog back in 2009, I had big plans to finished 100 plus posts about mountains in Canada. I made a preliminary list and encouraged people on Flickr to add photos of Canadian mountains to the 100 Famous Mountains of Canada group. I fantasized about not only finishing write-ups for 100 mountains (or more) but also possibly getting something published – a book would have been great! – about this list.

For the first year, keeping up the posts was not too hard, but after my second child was born, my work schedule got busier, and I began new projects, and later moved even farther away from my work place,  the time I had to devote to this blog receded like the alpine glaciers in the mountains.

For the last few years I have been thinking about coming back to this blog, to add a few more posts just to encourage myself to keep it up, but I’ve begun even more new projects and it’s clear that I just won’t be doing anything further for an undetermined amount of time.

So I’m making an official announcement that this blog is becoming dormant for some time. It could be many years. Or maybe not. No promises. But it would be nice to have the time to come back to this one day.


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Moving On…

The Rocky Mountains have so many beautiful peaks to add to this list. However, I have been eager to move on to other parts of Canada and I am now looking at the mountains closest to my “home” in Southwestern British Columbia. The first post is ready and I will be looking at nearly a dozen mountains in the area and nearby ranges. So, for now, we will leave the Rockies behind.

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When I first began this blog in the spring of 2009, I was so fired up about Canadian mountains. I dreamed of a 50-issue series of magazines featuring the 100 peaks – two per issue – with maps, stories, information, photographs, satellite images… the whole shebang. I figured I would complete my list by the end of the year and in early 2010 I would submit it to various societies and associations for review.

In 2010 I was far behind schedule and working on other projects, and then in early 2011 my second child was born and time for surfing the Net for information and composing a digest of that information for each mountain suddenly became scarce. Furthermore, having become the sole supporter of a family of four meant that I had to apply my resources and resourcefulness more on activities that would bring in extra income, meaning write for money, not pleasure.

So, after two years and two thirds of a year, my list of featured mountains remains at a lowly 42 out of 100. I am eager to continue but the early part of 2012 will see me busy with more writing projects that will hopefully bring about pay. By the end of February I plan to have a schedule in place that will allow me to post about two or three mountains a month. I really want to finish up the Rockies and move on to other peaks in B.C. and then head north and east. There are so many interesting and beautiful mountains outside the Rockies that I want to write about. I will try to get there.

Thanks to all who have read posts on this blog site.

Peter Skov

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