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Candidate: #31

Location: Banff National Park, Alberta

Elevation: 3,050m (3,055m also given)

Range: Continental Ranges of the Canadian Rockies

Crowfoot Mountain is a typically beautiful mountain of the Canadian Rockies, with cliffs of sedimentary rock and a large glacier. The mountain was given its official name in 1959, and was named after the glacier. The glacier itself once sported three lobes, giving it the shape of a crow’s foot. But the lowest toe has since receded due to the glacial melting phenomenon that has been occurring worldwide since the end of the Little Ice Age and has been sped up in recent years. There are now only two toes prominent. The mountain can be viewed from a pull out along Bow Lake and is one of the more frequently photographed mountains of the Rockies. The mountain was first climbed in 1950 by Mr. and Mrs. Cromwell.

Because of its famed glacier, easily viewed face, and some very impressive photographs I have seen, I though to consider Crowfoot Mountain for the list of Canada’s 100 Famous Mountains. In fact, the mountain may be more well-known nationally and even internationally than some of the candidates I have proposed. However, while researching Crowfoot Mountain I found little information of interest other than what I mentioned above. When it comes to the Canadian Rockies there are so many peaks vying for attention that it will be necessary to demote some candidates already to a list of 200 Famous Mountains. Crowfoot Mountain, beautiful though it is, might become one of those candidates.






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