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Location: Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia
Elevation: 2,408 metres (east summit and officially named summit)
Range: North Cascades
Candidate: #49

When I was growing up, Manning Park was a popular place to camp with my family. Only three hours away by car, the Lightning Lake campsite was our usual spot because we had a canoe and always included a paddle on the lake in our outdoor experience. Forested mountains surround the lake and from certain viewpoints Frosty Mountain’s bare rocky peak can be seen above all others.

Though I have regrettably never climbed it, there is a good trail from Lightning Lake leading to Camp Frosty where tents can be pitched. There’s a very nice family hike account of the climb to the camp and the summit here. As with many hikes in Canada, there are a number of switchbacks up the steeper parts and near the rocky summit the path becomes somewhat dangerous due to the amount of loose rock. The course goes through forest, sub-alpine, and alpine to the summit. The length is 22.2 km from Lightning Lakes and is said to take 9 hours round trip for those who don’t camp on the mountain. Worthy of mention is a stand of larch trees that are said to be among the oldest in Canada, dating back some 2,000 years!

An interesting note about the summit elevation: Frosty Mountain has actually two summits and the lower east summit is the one labelled “Frosty Mountain” on the map, according to bivouac.com. The west summit is slightly higher, reaching 2,426 metres (or 2,423 metres depending on the web site) and it is labelled “7950” on the map. The family account mentioned above shows a photo on the summit with the marker in the photo reading “2,408 m”. Frosty Mountain is the highest peak within Manning Provincial Park.

The mountain is composed of up-thrust sedimentary rock from the ancient Methow Ocean. On a train near Lightning Lake, there is a sign mentioning fossils on the area. I happened to once find a good sized chunk of rock full of black seashell fossils there.


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