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Location: Golden Ears Provincial Park, British Columbia
Elevation: 1,716 metres
Range: Coast Mountains, Garibaldi Ranges
Candidate: #48

One of those mountains that stand out from all the visible peaks of around the Fraser Valley is Golden Ears Mountain and its sub-peaks of Edge Peak and the Blanshard Needle. Together, the three peaks provide a beautiful backdrop to so many typical Fraser Valley scenes. When the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board asked me to shoot an instantly recognizable Fraser Valley view, I gave them a shot of Golden Ears standing behind a new housing estate and they used it on the cover of a publication. I made four attempts to climb the mountain but only made it on the fourth because the previous attempts had been too early in the year and I was not prepared for snow. I reached the summit in clouds and failed to see the view over the Fraser Valley. But Golden Ears Mountain has always been one of the mountains that drew my eye for so many years of my life.

Golden Ears is only 1,716 metres high but it rises up from the Fraser Valley and has a prominence of 1,002 metres! The original English name was Golden Eyries, probably for the eagles that were often seen soaring in the area. At first the whole area was called the Golden Eyries but later the area was called Mt. Blanshard and the Golden Eyries was corrupted to Golden Ears, the name given to the highest peak with the twin summits. Some people suggest that the two summits appear golden when they catch the light of the setting sun.

The mountain is the highpoint between Pitt Lake and Gold Creek and because it is visible from almost anywhere in the Greater Vancouver Area, it is also a popular hiking destination. A trail with a 1,500 metre elevation gain follows Gold Creek and partway up there is a tenting area in the Alder Flats. An emergency shelter sits further up the mountain. The last stretch to the summit requires a little scrambling. The mountain was first climbed in 1911 by a BCMC party.

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